Re: [Chinese Novel][PDF][English] Tales of Demons and Gods. «Reply #1 on: November 12, , am». 1 chapter/month!?. Tales of Demons and Gods, EPUB and PDF Download. “Since I'm back, then in this lifetime, I shall become the King of the Gods that dominate Web Novel. Tales of Demons and Gods – Chapters – · chapters are going tl be uploaded? And what can be the ending chapter to this novel?.

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Nie Li, the strongest Demon Spiritualist in his past life, stood at the pinnacle of the martial world. However, he lost his life during the battle with Sage Emperor. Tales of Demons & Gods Translator: Thyaeria. Chinese Ongoing. A novel by Madsnail. Current Status: Ongoing. Release Rate: 1 Chapter/Month. Killed by a. Tales of Demons and Gods (Yao Shen Ji)- epub. you really don't want to read the first other chapters and honestly although i love the novel.

The Protagonist Nei Li, lived for a Thousand Years, luckily he got a Plot Device Legendary Notebook like Dragonballs that has Resurrected Him, and his adventure is about relying on the Past, that's why he can't move on, so he decided to Rate and Judge people based on his Experience, and the scaling was simple, which was good in the past, is good also in the present times, vice versa with the bad guys.

Tales of Demons and Gods

Then the story sticked with that motto that none of the asshole have become better in character, they are even just getting worse, as for the Side characters, well they were friends to glorify the mc, these guys can't live without the MC, I mean seriously author, at least on Naruto, the Side characters were Badass and they didn't relied so much to Naruto, and even the author mentioned that side characters were much badass compared to the MC, yet the author have turned them into Character Decoration?

I regret that I've read it. Save your time, money can't download it!!! First of all, this story has nothing to Offer, but only 'Glory' of the Protagonist.

Second, the protagonist can't even make himself Respectful, he does not have Charisma to become one, he's just an asshole in character.

Tales of Demons and Gods – Free eBooks Download.

The author could have made him Respectable through intelligent arguments or debates, at least he has a knowledge of worth of a Thousand Years. Write a review Reading Status: Post Post. Review posted successfully! Read more reviews. Review Details. Report inappropriate content.

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His soul was then brought back to when he was still 13 years old. He aims to protect the city which in the coming future will be assaulted by beasts and end up destroyed, as well as protect his lover, friends and family who died in the beast assault.

And to destroy the Sacred family whom abandon their duty and betrayed the city in his past life. Translate Thyaeria.

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Like Like. Awesome series. Shout out and thanks to the hard work of the translation and distribution teams.

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Thanks you for these upload really enjoyed reading them. And what can be the ending chapter to this novel?

Thank you. I already finished up to the lates lates update , may I know when will there be any more updates?

Tales of Demons and Gods by Mad Snail – To Chapter 477 (ePUB, PDF, MOBI Downloads)

Any chance on updates for new epubs?If he died, there would have been an announcement on wuxiaworld where they do the translations for this novel. Said aliens have bizarre names, bizarre bodies, and bizarre practices, but are actually really cute.

Thanks aizen, for posting Korean and Chinese stuff like reincarnated Lord, life mission, breakers, etc. Reader signout. Save your time, money can't download it!!!

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Please note that a master is different from a teacher. It has become a part of my life Like Like.

This tag is used when the bond between the protagonist and his companions plays a big role on how the story develops. This tag is to be used ONLY if a manhua has been released based on the novel. The protagonist is given a 'Second Chance' to turn things around by going back to his or her younger self.